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About this boilerplate

Ignite by Infinite Red is a proven React Native boilerplate that serves as the foundation for mobile app development, leveraging over seven years of expertise with React Native. It's designed for both Expo and bare React Native projects, offering a battle-tested framework that the Infinite Red team utilizes for client apps. Adopting Ignite can save developers an average of two to four weeks at the start of their projects, thanks to its comprehensive tech stack that includes React Native, TypeScript, React Navigation, MobX-State-Tree, and more, ensuring a robust and efficient development process. With its focus on proven technologies and best practices, Ignite also features a component library, theming support, custom fonts, and a variety of generators to streamline app scaffolding. Whether you're building a proof-of-concept, a demo, or a production app, Ignite equips developers with the tools and resources needed for a head start in React Native app development.